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Applications in glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP)

Our textile glass fiber powerfil® establishes various opportunities for profiles, industrial containers and pipes made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP).

powerfil® combines the good processibility of E-Glass with the high temperature performance of ECR-Glass. It has an excellent corrosion resistance and offers a higher fiber durability in aggressive media. powerfil® shows a stable functionality as a reinforcing element in plastics.

In comparison with steel water pipes and industrial containers made of glass fiber reinforced plastic have the advantage, that they are considerably lighter, corrosion resistant, flexible and long-lasting.

A further application for powerfil® is the operation in high-voltage insulators.

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Applications in Shipbuilding

Applications in Shipbuilding

The products of DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies open up a variety of functional means of application also in shipbuilding.

powermat® NGM for use in shipbuilding meet utmost requirements regarding strengths, water resistances and fire safety. They are formed by sewing-up in Malimo technology. powermat® are sewn up with an E-glass filament thread and are therefore absolutely binder-free.

powermat® NGM of DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies bear the certificates of the Seafarers Office and Germanic Lloyd, and furthermore non-combustibility certificates of TÜV Hamburg and an EU Type Examination Certificate.

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Applications in Household Appliances

Needle mats of DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies can be applied in ovens, washing machines, driers, dishwashers and air conditioning systems.Their functions are multifaceted. They insulate against heat and cold, sound and vibrations.

Especially for oven insulation, DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies has developed the needle mat powermat® in a long development process.The specific binder formulation on the raw fiber provides for the production within the DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies needle mat facility, thus simultaneously remaining below the limits required by LGA and Stiftung Warentest.

This high-tech fiber product is an absolutely binder-free glass fiber mat produced through fully mechanic needling. powermat® is made of continuous E-glass filaments that are absolutely non-harmful to humans. It therefore possesses a very high temperature stability of up to 670°C, enabling its use in the novel pyrolyse appliances.

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