for high thermal stress


Insulation material made by DBW Advanced Fiber Technologieslike the Needlemats show a large number of high-class product properties. They are non-combustible, temperature stable and heat- and sound-absorbing. DBW Needlemats are stabilized pure mechanical, without additive binder, made of high-class high-temperature fibers. DBW can also customize the fibers based on specific application temperatures.

Product advantages

  • non-combustible
  • temperature stability
  • heat- and sound-absorbing
  • stabilized pure mechanical without additive binder

product variants

powermat® Spowermat® S VTpowermat®powermat® E
Starting fiber
(basic material)
silica fibersilica fieberglass fiber
glass fiber
Fiber diameter6-11 µm6-11 µm13-19 µm9-13 µm
Application temperature
Transformation temperature
Annealing Point
Volume shrinkagemax. 7%
at 1000°C/2h
max. 0,7%
at 1000°C/2h
at 700°C/2h
at 600°C/2h


DBW Needlemats are used in different industrial applications, e.g. automotive technology, building industry, household industry and shipbuilding. Depending on the requirements DBW Needlemats are processed by additional sewing or different laminations. Because of the excellent product properties DBW Needlemats can be finished unproblematic as die cuttings or preformed parts.