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Engine Compartment

Acoustic insulation for engine compartments

DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies provides an effective noise control in the engine compartment and interior simultaneously providing for high thermal insulation.

biosil® PT6 is an innovative absorption material for engine compartment encapsulation, which considerably reduces the noise emission in motor vehicles. Additionally, the increasingly higher temperatures in the engine compartment are drastically reduced by the low thermal conductibility.

In close cooperation with our partners in the automotive industry, biosil® PT6 was developed to meet market needs. It has gained widespread acceptance as an effective acoustic and thermal barrier.

Thanks to new manufacturing technologies, DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies offers low basis weights starting from a minimum weight of 500g/m². This development enables biosil® to be used effectively in a wide range of new applications, which could not be realized in the past due to a minimum grammage of 1.000g/m². The new product line of biosil® PT6 advanced is mainly focusing on applications in the area of hood liner and outer dash insulations for passenger cars and specific applications in light-weight constructions.

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product advantages

  • excellent acoustic absorption
  • optimal insulation property (thermal insulation)
  • good absorption performance
  • Incombustible


The molds of DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies fulfill a multitude of functions in transmission tunnels and automotive bulkheads. They ideally meet the desired requirements through the exact adaptation in the shape of the cutting, the material combination and the material strength. The tunnels and bulkheads of DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies are used for engine hood damping and for external bulkhead and transmission tunnel insulation.

Furthermore, they are applied in close to engine capsules and as insulation for underbody shields. Its combination with thermal aluminum shields ensures compliance with very extreme requirements.

Conclusion: These elements serve for sound absorption and thermal insulation. In addition, they are non-combustible and thermally stable. They contain a low percentage of binder.    


Sandwich elements = more effective systems

The combination of different materials is a technically sophisticated solution to consolidate individual product properties into an effective structural part. Sandwich structures combine a high static rigidity for supportive and protective functions with good heat or sound insulation.


Our material for interior and underbody applications

bicomat® was developed for applications where acoustically effective components with high rigidity are needed. It is a thermoplastic composite material consisting of polypropylene and long chopped glass fibers.

bicomat® suites interior applications, such as trunk compartments, headliners, hat shelves, or even for the underbody

Our product is used by well-known automotive customers as well as manufacturers of agricultural and construction machinery.

As desired by the customer various composites are possible:

  • polypropylene/E-glass
  • various composites
  • different colors (PP)
  • variable mixtures
  • basis weights between 400 and 2,500 g
  • roll and blank widths up to 2,200 mm
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product advantages

  • acoustically effective
  • free of phenol binders
  • thermoforming with low pressure

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