For us and our Environment

All products of DBW are recyclable

Environment & Quality

DBW is committed to the responsible use of resources and the environment even during production. DBW products contribute to environmental protection by reducing emissions, immissions and noise.

State-of-the-art manufacturing technologies and a complete international communication system provide the basic prerequisites for the production and quality assurance of DBW's products

DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies produces a special mineral wool with the brand name biosil® that offers another important feature in addition to the excellent thermal and acoustic insulation: environmental compatibility and safety for humans and animals. Moreover, the RAL quality label "Erzeugnisse aus Mineralwolle" guarantees the high quality of the product.

DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies produces biosil® with a binder content between 0 and 8 weight percent. A composition especially developed for DBW guarantees the adherence to the legal emission limits during the production process. The manufacturing process corresponds with the requirements of the Federal Intromission Protection Law (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control – TA Luft).

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DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies produces textile glass fibers under the brand names powertex® and powerfil® that prove to be eco-friendly already in the production process without boron, fluorine, chlorine, and ammoniac. Emissions are reduced to a minimum during the production process.

The quality of the glass fiber rovings produced by DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies has been confirmed by "Germanischer Lloyd", "TÜV Süddeutschland" and the "Institut für Bautechnik in Berlin".