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Cold End & Hot End

Cold-End in Exhaust Technology

Depending on the type of vehicle (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles), the type of engine, and the design of the exhaust system, there are different requirements for insulation material with regard to temperature and acoustics. To meet all these requirements, DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies developed two materials: biosil® and powertex®.

In addition, we offer tailoring up to modular production for all of our products to meet the individual needs of our customers.

Our biosoluble absorption material

With the product biosil®, a recyclable biosoluble mineral wool, we increase the efficiency of advanced exhaust gas systems for internal combustion engines. With its tailored fiber diameter distribution has been designed to deliver unmatched sound-absorbing properties.

In compliance with the German and EU regulations biosil® is absolutely non harmful to health, since biosil® bears the RAL quality label. The manufacture of biosil is continuously checked by independent external inspectors who certify its complete safety.

Further product advantages ofbiosil® are its exceptional sound absorption and thermal insulation.

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product advantages

  • Increase in efficiency
  • Lasting improvements of sound-damping properties
  • good absorption performance
  • optimal insulation property (thermal insulation)

With safety for retention

For very high temperature exhaust applications we offer our high temperature glass fiber roving powertex®. The excellent sound absorbency of this recyclable textile glass fiber, which is harmless to health, sets a standard and is an important contribution to the noise reduction in modern vehicles. The new glass formulation of powertex® continuous filament also offers high corrosion resistance and thermal durability.

powertex® shows superior performance when exposed to heat. This guarantees a high level of mechanical stability and hence a long service life of the fibers in the application.

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With security for durability

Stainless steel wool functions as a compensation element in perforated areas of tubes and baffles inside the exhaust system. Depending on the customer’s needs and the durability specification for the intended application, stainless steel wool can be used as a separate product or in combination with mineral fibers or textile glass fibers (e.g. biosil® and powertex®).

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Hot-End in Exhaust Technology

Hot-End in Exhaust Technology

The powermat® product family exhibits superior properties. It is non-combustible, temperature-resistant combined with its exceptional thermal and acoustic insulation.

powermat® is produced by mechanically entangling our premium high-temperature fibers so that binders are not required. The raw fiber is selected to achieve the required application temperature. Thanks to its outstanding product properties, powermat® can easily be converted into punched or molded parts.

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With certainty for the right material configuration

The powershield® product family consists of metal components made of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel, e.g. heatshields in combination with insulation components for use under high temperatures exhaust systems.

So powershield® products complement our insulation products for exhaust systems.

DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies offers complete insulation system from a single source.

We produce the metal components in combination with insulation materials in the DBW group ourselves. Heat shields can either be made of smooth metal or textured with an individually customized structure. This texture improves the visual appearance while providing additional rigidity. The material thickness can thus be reduced to deliver a corresponding reduction of weight.

This innovation bears the name i-shape metal.

Moreover, DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies produces complete silencers (e.g. for independent vehicle heaters).

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