High temperature and acoustic insulation in the exhaust system

Our biosoluble absorption material

With our product biosil® a recyclable biosoluble mineral wool, we increase the efficiency of advanced exhaust gas systems for internal combustion engines. biosil® sustainably enhances the sound-absorbing properties compared with existing continuous fibers. This product thus underscores the competence of DBW Advanced Fiber Technologies as a partner for products for thermal insulation and acoustic absorption.

biosil® is absolutely non-harmful to humans in accordance with German resp. EU ordinances, since biosil® bears the RAL Quality Label. This inter alia means that we are continuously controlled in the manufacturing of this product by external independent examiners. 

Further product advantages of biosil® are its high sound absorption and thermal insulation. Moreover, we offer tailoring up to modular production for this product.


  • high temperature stability
  • acoustic high effective
  • excellent chemical stability
  • recyclable
  • biosoluble mineral fiber, non-harmful to humans
  • RAL-quality label